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About Arvis

Established in 2018, consistent change and growth has made Arvis what it is today. Our founder has over three decades of experience, which has enabled our organization - Kishan Corporation, to provide the best quality and exceptional services. Arvis family is an integral part of the company. Our customer base is what we are proud of! Our dedicated and professional team has made us stand out in the field of tiles trading. Arvis family today stands strong in terms of its products, quality, innovation and services due to the outstanding teamwork.

We are producing high-quality tiles using various high grade specific materials. The tiles come in different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different customer needs. In addition, we employ various techniques and processes to produce tiles that meet specific quality standards and requirements.

We focus on product innovation, quality control, and after sales customer services. We also adhere to strict manufacturing and safety standards to produce tiles that meet customer expectations and comply with industry regulations.



Our motto has always been to strive to be better and delight our customers. We aim to provide innovative designs and efficient customer service. Moving towards the right direction by making our customers the top priority and offering them best prices, quality and services and progressing together.

Our Philosophy

Moving towards the right direction by making our customers the top priority and offering them best prices, quality and services and progressing together.



We wish to provide unrivalled services to our customers and aim that our customers see the value for money in all the products.

Creativity with quality is the perfect combo and we aspire to exceed the customer expectations with this combo. Being the trendsetters is our key vision.

No person will love the company if the family does not! Hence, we wish to provide a very assured future and safe environment for our employee family who are the core part of our organization.



Our company runs on four main values ‘The 4 C’s’. These values are the pillars to our organization. We have always strived to maintain these values as an integral part of all our functions. These four pillars are very closely embedded to our mission and vision.

  • Change

    They say Change is the only thing that is constant and we, at Arvis, believe that without change the creativity dies. Innovative products are an essential part of our business and we want it thrive through the organization in any given circumstances. Strong focus on innovation is one of our pillars of strength.

  • Compassion

    Compassion is not an obligation; it is something that must be in the hearts. We believe in treating everyone the way wish to be treated. It is very vividly visible in our Arvis Family. Our customers, partners, employees and communities are so strongly woven with compassion that it becomes our second pillar of strength.

  • Consistency

    Consistency in production is critical for any manufacturing company. We have been able to produce a steady supply of tiles that meet the same quality standards and specifications every time. We have maintained that customer satisfaction and therefore building a reputable brand. With a consistent supply of high-quality tiles, we are able to attract and retain customers and build a reputable brand in the market.

  • Commitment

    Our policy of irrevocable commitment is what helps us build trustworthy and lasting relationships with our customer, partners, communities and employees. These relationships are what makes any business thrive. They are the most essential element for an organization to sustain. Our constantly growing relations is what makes our head held high and thus commitment is our fourth pillar of strength.


At Arvis, we Manufacture Porcelain Tiles and as well as Ceramic Tiles. We have a huge collection, which enables the customers to pick what is best suitable for them. Not only that but it also comes in number of size options, which offers vast variety to the customers.

We provide large format tiles, roof tiles, parking tiles etc. Our organization believes that nothing that people truly love can ever be out of style! Hence, we provide a vast variety for decor tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles, which can be customized.

Why Pick Us?

Our company provides services for all types of tiling solutions from huge volumes for public places and industries to small architect based products for your homeaesthetics. Customization and quality are the major checklist tick marks in our organization. Our products are easily available due to our presence in various parts of the country.

Our Presence

With Manufacturing in India, we are able to cater to Indian market through sales offices and distribution channels.

In India, our presence has been widespread in 7+ states and growing.


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